Video: Girlfriends mercilessly beat each other over a man on Valentines day

If you really had a peaceful and happy Valentines day, thank God for that because not everyone did seriously.

Proposals turned down, fights and other unfortunate things happened to different people who thought they were in love.

A video is currently making rounds on social media and it has left netizens in absolute shock.

This is after two besties beat the hell out of each other over men.

These two girls are said to have been asked out by their men.

However when they reached there, one of the girl’s ended up trying to seduce her friend’s man.

This didn’t go down well and a violent fight ensued.

These girls mercilessly thumped each other.

They tore each other’s bras, knickers and clothes off.

Their private parts can all be seen out after this fight.

Meanwhile the onlookers did nothing to save them but just let the fight go on as they enjoyed it.

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