SCREENSHOT: Zuena goes bare knuckles with social media user over son’s UCE results

Zuena Kirema the wife of singer Bebe Cool has clashed with a social media user over her son, Alpha Thierry Ssali over his UCE results.

The mother of 5 posted a picture of her other two kids minus Alpha.

One social media user then questioned Zuena where her other son is who ashamed her with his poor grades.

‘Where is there brother who ashamed you with his poor grades,” to which Zuena wasn’t having lightly and replied that “the one you helped in paying school fees?”

Alpja is said to have gotten 51 aggregates in his senior Four exams.

It clearly hurts parents when these so called so-called media users always want to interfere in there lifestyles.

Barbie Kyagulanyi also had to go to toe with a social media user who criticized her son over his new dreadlocks.

This social media user advised Solomon Kampala to chop off the dreadlocks and trim a very nice hair cut.

She added that it doesn’t matter how much money they have but a boy child never plaits his hair.

Barbie hit back at this social media user and told them to tell this to their own child.

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