Video: Did Zuena Kirema date Radio?- here’s the truth from her

For some time now, rumor has always had it about how fallen Goodlyf singer Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio dated Bebe Cool’s wife, Zuena Kirema.

This was catalyzed during the Bebe Cool-Goodlyf beef in the late 2000s and early 2010’s.

Radio and Weasel even released a couple of songs insinuating that Radio dated Zuena.

Some of these included Zuena, Bread and Butter, Nyambura among others.

Bebe Cool too released some diss tracks aimed at the Goodlyf Boys.

Sources stated that Radio dated Zuena while they were at school and living in Jinja.

However, in a video, Zuena has stated that he didn’t know Radio in her former life.

The first time he saw her was when they were at a hangout spot.

Radio was with Chameleone and Bebe Cool pointed at him and told Zuena that he was the boy who sang about her saying that he knew her.

Zuena kept looking at Radio to see if she knew him but she didn’t and it was her first time seeing him there and then.

Although she had left Jinja at 16 years, she knew most of the boys from there.

Radio and Weasel had also released the Zuena song to hurt Bebe Cool because they knew he loved his wife so much.

Bebe Cool from there even told Zuena how he wasn’t going to attack Radio again because he had made a name for them and it would keep growing.

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