Video: Chosen Becky’s hubby praises her big nose

Singer Rebecca Kukiriza more known as Chosen Becky has come out together with her husband Dictator Amir to give out a message to all those who insult her over her nose.

It should be recalled that the Bankuza hit maker has always been subject to insults from critics about her nose.

Chosen Becky however said that if there are those who still think they can hurt her over the nose, they had better chill it.

This is because her husband compliments her about it every day.

Amir who was also in the video then started complimenting her and telling her how she has a ‘nyindo ndaro.’

“Those who think that you will insult me over my nose and I become angry, sorry for you. My husband tells me about it everyday, wama Amir how does it look like,” Chosen Becky said to which Amir replied that it looks like for bararo and it’s superb as they both laughed at this.

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