Video: Another alleged s3x tape of Kenyan famous TikToker Azziad out

Social media is currently up in flames after an alleged video of Kenyan famous TikToker Azziad Nasenya Utanawezana got leaked.

It should be recalled that Azziad was in the spotlight after an alleged video of her leaked in 2020.

This had the said Azziad being chewed left right and center.

And now she’s at the thicket of things again.

A video showing a woman clearly resembling Azziad is making rounds on social media.

This 20 second clip shows her speaking in tongues as she has her delicious sumbie being forked and spooned.

Many social media users have now all gathered to watch for themselves and see if she’s the one.

However a check through shows that this is not Azziad.

It’s a pornstar known as Destiny Mira.

Destiny has a clear cut resemblance to the Kenyan TikToker.

Azziad however has a tattoo on her chest unlike Destiny in this video making rounds.

What do you think?

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