My wife accused me of having a small d!ck – Man laments

A married man has hilariously taken to social media to reveal how he had a verbal fight with his wife over their sex life.

This fella revealed that he has a 5 inch wire and it’s pretty average.

It has been doing all his marital work very impressively not until his wife got fat.

With this fatness, their sex life has become quite troublesome as they can’t try out several positions.

This in turn has led them to quarreling over time.

The wife after an attempt to chew themselves but failed told the husband how his d1ck had grown shorter.

This hurt him but he decided to look for a come back.

In retaliation, he told her how she’s gotten fat and now qualifies to be livestock.

“I don’t have the biggest tool. As in penis. At 5 inches I think I would say am pretty average. Which was okay until my wife got fat. And with all that extra fat in the way, some sex positions have become more troublesome. So much so last night we both got frustrated and had a verbal fight over our recent sex. She told me my dick had gotten smaller. Which is impossible but hurt my feelings. So I also told her she’s gotten fat and now qualifies as livestock. A big fat cow. Nobody’s talked to the other since.”

Well sex can be a big turning point in a marriage.

Once both of the couple don’t get it right, expect the home to turn into a mess.

What do you think?

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