Video: Bewitched bride beats up groom shockingly in front of people

People were treated to shock and disbelief at a recent wedding they attended.

This is after the bride ran out of control and started beating up the groom mercilessly.

The two were walking outside of the house with their entourage before she ran out of control.

She started beating, slapping and thumping him mercilessly.

Attempts to restrain her all failed.

Some sources say that she got bewitched on the D-day and this is why she acted so crazily.

Others said that it was a forced marriage.

She did not want the man and being still young, she decided that her violent actions would save her from this mess.

“You didn’t follow the story. The bride was bewitched and went mad while getting out of her parents’ house,” said one social media user.

“You called it early and forced marriage? My brother, you haven’t seen anything, grow spiritually. That is witchcraft , enemies if marriage. When your turn comes, you will u derstand that you don’t just get married so easily and Satan and his cousins watching” said another.

“How could you force someone to marry you! This is insane.”

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